What We Do....

The Office of Documents and Administrative Issuances (ODAI) is responsible for the publication of the District of Columbia Register (DCR), the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations (DCMR), and the Mayor's Administrative Issuances, which include Mayor's Orders, Instructions, and Memoranda. The District of Columbia Register is the official weekly legal publication for the District of Columbia government and includes D.C. laws, administrative rulemakings, notices, orders, and other items from the Council of the District of Columbia, the Mayor's executive agencies and independent agencies, charter schools, ANCs and other official entities of the District government.

ODAI is responsible for assisting agencies and government entities with their drafting and submissions to the District of Columbia Register. ODAI advises and legally certifies that all submissions are in compliance with all District rules and regulations. ODAI is also responsible for codifying all Final Rulemakings in the DCMR. The DCMR is organized by subject matter. Furthermore, ODAI assists in the drafting and legal certification of the Mayor's Administrative Issuances.

Through its website, DCRegs, ODAI maintains a paperless based system that includes the online official publication of the District of Columbia Register, a free online search engine for the District of Columbia Register, District of Columbia Municipal Regulations, and Mayor's Orders.