Issue Date: September 01, 2017
Register Category: Proposed Rulemaking
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Notice IDRule NumberSubjectNoticePublish Date
6620752 23-800 Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration - Notice of Proposed
Rulemaking - Chapter 8 of Title 23 DCMR - Amending ABRA's Civil Penalty
View Text 9/1/2017
Vol 64/35
6700486 22-A3800
Behavioral Health, Department of - Notice of Second Proposed Rulemaking -
To supersede and repeal Title 22-B DCMR Chapter 38 (Community
Residence Facilities for Mentally Ill Persons), and will locate rules governing
mental health community residence facilities (MHCRFs) in Title 22-A DCMR
View Text 9/1/2017
Vol 64/35
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