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Effective Date:3/23/2012
Authority:The Director of the Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF), pursuant to the authority set forth in An Act to
enable the District of Columbia to receive federal financial assistance under Title XIX of the Social Security Act
for a medical assistance program, and for other purposes, approved December 27, 1967 (81 Stat. 774; D.C.
Official Code § 1-307.02 (2006 Repl. & 2011 Supp.)) and section 6(6) of the Department of Health Care Finance
Establishment Act of 2007, effective February 27, 2008 (D.C. Law 17-109; D.C. Official Code § 7-771.05(6)
(2008 Repl.)).
Source:Notice of Final Rulemaking published at 59 DCR 2298, 2301 (March 23, 2012).
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Vol 64/18
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